You and thousands more eke out enough to survive, if you’re lucky.
Reversing the Lies of the Sharing Economy
Brett Scott

Once again, you’re portraying Uber drivers as “victims” — which is not only bullshit, but also insulting to the hundreds of thousands of people who drive for Uber or Lyft because, brace yourself, they like it. Of course, you could find all of this out if you bothered talking to drivers instead of treating them like the “commodity” you depict them as in this article. Pro tip: do some research on the topic of how driving for ride-hailing platforms has helped scores of people get past their social-anxiety issues. (You’ll have to dig deep, seeing as the media’s vilification of Uber sucks up most of the bandwidth on the interwebs.)

Related question: the biggest domestic market for Uber and Lyft (excepting NYC, which has an anomalous transportation infrastructure) is San Francisco — a city that happens to have an unemployment rate low enough (under 3%) that even traditionally minimum-wage employers like fast-food joints end up having to pay employees $15/hour or more simply to remain competitive. Given this environment, how exactly is any Uber/Lyft driver “trying to eke out just enough money to survive”?

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