Palm Beach Confidential Review

Hey all, Jeff Lenney here with my long awaited Palm Beach Confidential Review, put out by Teeka Tiwari of the Palm Beach Research Group.

Anyways, I’m an actual Member of the PBC newsletter, so hopefully my review will help you make a decision to join (or not).

Anyway, just to let you know — I NEVER review a product unless I actually get it first and dive head first into it. This was definitely the case with the PBC Newsletter and so far I’ve been MORE than blown away by the training, the newsletter, and of course Teeka Tiwari’s winning picks.

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Here are a few of Teeka’s Picks just to wet your appetite a bit:

In Teeka’s February, 2017 Newsletter, he suggested people buy XXX— it’s gone up as high as 37,000% — meaning if you invested $100 back in Feb, you’d have as high as $35,000 and change at the highest.

(XXX was just under $0.15 when Teeka called it, and has gone as high as $49.00)

In His September Newsletter, he also stressed AGAIN that it’s a good time to buy XXX if you missed the initial jump. If you’re following the news in *Country Name* about cryptocurrency (or not), XXX and ZZZ are both expected to rise tremendously once *Country Name*’s laws are finalized.

Speaking of YYY, Teeka also suggested a YYY buy in his September, 2017 issue. When he first suggested it, it was $27.57 per coin — as of the 2nd of October, it’s gone up to $33.33, which is a 26% increase in a month and a half.

While YYY is still holding FAIRLY still, like XXX — it’s expected to jump significantly once *Country Name*’s laws are in place.

Let’s look at a few MORE of his winning predictions:

  • Teeka Suggested buying AAA on 04/18/2016, it’s gone up by 3,139%
  • He suggested buying BBB on 04/18/2016, it’s gone up by 904%
  • He suggested buying CCC on 09/15/2016 and it’s gone up by 1,003%

Overall, Teeka has recommended 26 cryptocurrencies since he started his newsletter in 2016, with an average return of 1,021%.

Essentially, every $100 you invest on his picks on AVERAGE brings you back $1,000 and change.

Alright, let’s talk about Palm Beach Confidential

Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter Online Members Area

Palm Beach Confidential is an online newsletter, stared by Teeka Tiwari in 2016. It contains numerous training videos, of course the newsletters, and a bunch of bonus training on various things.

I’ll just cover the basics here, but if you want to read my FULL review you’re welcome to check it out here:

>>> Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter Review

I’ve also got a 20 minute VIDEO Review you can watch here:

#1. You get the 12 monthly Issues of the Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter:

In the newsletters, you’ll learn all you need to know about the Crypto (and stock ) market, get Teeka’s monthly picks and understand WHY he recommends them as well.

While you only get the main newsletter once per month, you do get bi-weekly updates that enable you to keep up to date with other news or hot picks.

#2: 100% Newbie Friendly Training Videos:

These are great for both newbies and even seasoned traders! You get quite a few training videos that take you through the A-Z’s of trading Crypto Currency, and even some stuff on stocks & gold. Also, don’t worry if you’re not that computer savvy, these are so thorough even a 1st grader could follow the instructions. (I mean that by the way, not just being clever — the videos are clear and concise and make everything easy to understand and implement).

#3: Teeka’s 1,000% Guarantee!

If for some reason you DON’T manage to grow your wealth by at least 1,000% in the first 12 months after joining, you’ll get the next years subscription ($2,000 Value) 100% Free!

Most of Teeka’s Picks net a 1,000% return gain or more — so you’d have to actually try to NOT make money doing this. :-)

#4: A ton of Bonus training guides and Videos:

I’m not going to go into details on those here, but you can read the full list over at my full review, listed above.

Anyways, what are you waiting for? Get signed up now, I Promise — you’ll be back to thank me. :-)

Important: Registration CLOSES for this year On Friday, November 17th, Sign Up HERE While You Can

Jeff Lenney