The World of Crushing Walls and Tightening Chains

Escape wasn’t an option.

I pulled at the shackles, the chains made no sounds.

The thundering of my heart was all I could hear. No footsteps, no murmurs of conversations, just the deafening silence of darkness.

I realized I was holding my breath; I gasped.

Can you see darkness? Can you hear it?

A wall pressed against my back, or was my back pressed against the wall? I could feel the weight of it; my body ached; my muscles tensed.

What did I do? Why am I here?

I squinted. Still only darkness.

Who did I wrong to be put here?

I pulled against the chains; the wall did not move, the chains still made no sound.

I trembled. Tears streaked my face, but the chains restrained me.

My body heaved and trembled.

The chains only tightened; I gasped for air; they tightened more.

Was this all there was? The darkness? My back to the wall; it’s weight crushing down on me? My silent sobs?

Where has all the light gone? I could always feel the darkness, as it too soon began to press against me; pushing back; crushing me against the wall.

So trapped, that not even my body could tremble nor shutter .

I strained against both, the darkness and the wall to my back, something needed to give. The chains still did not rattle.

Who would make such a wall that someone had to hold up? Could no one help?

The crushing wall; the tightening chains; the sting of my tears; my gasping for air.

This is my cell; my prison. This is where I am, always.

You, the people out in the light, this is what you do not see.

You don’t see the wall, nor hear the chains, nor can you see the tears to wipe them away.

These are things you do not see.

You do not see my world; the darkness pressing me harder against the wall, crushing me. The tightening of the chains stealing my breath; restraining me.

These are the things you do not see.

The light exists, I have seen it. Like all prisoners, I get my 1 hour of sky.

My lungs swell and my body sings. Just for this moment no wall is pressed to my back, no tightening chains, nor deafening darkness, I see the smiles, the joy, even the goosebumps on my arm.


As quickly as it came…

My hour is up.

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