How to be Not Totally Miserable

Beautiful work Thunderpuff! Made me laugh (and sigh)…

These resonated for me especially:

Autumn: yes, but only in Autumn. (Global warming, all that…)

National monuments: probably should keep these — (someone tell current administration.)

Nature and its creatures: yep, all of them — every one. (See above re administration.)

An inelegant and perfectly timed, lucid stream of creative obscenities: I’m from New York City where four letter words are nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns — and sometimes all at the same time — so this touched my heart.

Caffeine (only before 5 pm…You wouldn’t give the Tasmanian Devil meth before bedtime, would you?): I assume you’ve tried this? Couldn’t get mine to sit still that long. (Please send instructions…)

Monty Python: nothing more need be said. All Hail!

Helping another person: Nothing but truth here. Thanks ThunderPuff for the reminder. Donation placed. Wonderful post.

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