Art: Jeff Lewonczyk

Middle-school boys shouldn’t look to supervillains for romantic inspiration

As a combination theater kid/comic-book nerd, I was not designed to thrive in the cutthroat middle-school scene of the late 1980s. This held especially true when it came to my third obsession: girls. But for one glorious night, thanks to an unlikely pop-culture zeitgeist, I was poised to beat the odds and turn my liabilities into assets — until I sabotaged the whole thing at the last minute.

Humans act like they have the monopoly on communication, but let’s face it— compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, we’re rank novices. Scientists estimate that we began speaking around 2 million years ago — a mere blink of the cosmic eye, considering creatures have been sending each other signals for as long as 4 billion years. Compared to that, everything we say is baby talk.

Unfortunately, while these animals can communicate among themselves, they’ve had less success communicating with us. …

Roma — the Eternal City — quite possibly the most storied metropolis in the history of the Western World. My family blew through it in a week, and now I’m an expert.

Inspired by a work trip to India I took a few years ago, which resulted in the most widely-read piece of content I will ever create, I decided that I’d take time during our vacation to draw at least one cartoon each day. I thought it would be hard to juggle this challenge with the demands of sightseeing, but sure enough, each night I was able to work…

A nine-part comic-strip fable about the power and powerlessness of art in politically horrifying times.

Creativity means never having to say you’re sorry.

Look who’s back! Behold their genius.

A bonus side effect!

It’s not the doing, it’s the not-doing.

Jeff Lewonczyk

Words, pictures and the gutter in between

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