Dear JavaScript,
James Kyle

People seriously think Babel is hard to configure? We are certainly getting lazy. When Babel 6 came out, the first project I did after did not work out of the box because of plugins and presets, took me I think 2 minutes looking over the readme or a google search (not sure which) and I was good to go.

I am very happy with the way you designed it so I could add my own plugins and presets.

If people think this is hard tell them to go back and write some JCL and some assembly where you have 4k of space and figure out how to branch into the datas egment where you ordered it specifically so you have some of the op codes you need so you can actually have just a little more than 4k of program space.

Keep up the good work, ignore the lazy people that got into development because they think they will get rich, somehow without ever having to learn something.

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