Life in limbo

Last Friday marked my technical graduation from The Iron Yard. Next Friday is demo day at the Iron Yard…which puts me, in some type of purgatory.

I have a couple prospects for work with some great companies that have an interest in taking a Jr Dev under their wing and need to bide my time. Which makes it all that much harder. I am at the point where I am going to be very selective with my application process and have only sent a few resumes out, and all to companies that weren’t going to be hiring anyone but a Sr. Now…I know that may not make much sense…but for me at this point, it is all about the company.

If I get to the point where all of my hail mary’s go unreturned, I might have to get a bit more creative and a little less selective. It also doesn’t help that I am being bombarded by recruiters…all of which have mid to sr positions, usually in the mid-west that I am well under-qualified for.

This morning I was going to mow the monstrous lawn before it rains, but alas, the lawn mower is broken. So…I guess that means I will either play some much neglected video games, or maybe I will start a .Net Core project on my Mac OS side and try to teach myself Angular. Regardless…I am definitely going to teach myself Angular…it half looks simple and half looks super complicated. Huzzah!