Microservices and so should you.

Last night at the .Net meet-up I learned all about microservices. The basic gist is building your application in sections that are taking care of each portion of the app separately. It is one of those things that you are probably doing to an extent and don’t even know it.

The main focus of utilizing microservices correctly is going to be fully separating the parts from each-other so they are actually interchangeable and not dependent on each-other one bit.

Small goals of using microservices are going to be keeping processes small and independent of each-other, and communicating with language agnostic API’s. This means that no matter what happens to the code…say if you built the app in .Net and for some ungodly reason you wanted to switch to PHP, you could still use that built API in your new PHP project.

As with everything it has its cons, as it creates more calls through the system and can eventually create a monstrous application, I believe the pros outweigh them and I already would like to integrate some of the Azure services I learned more about last night.

Now I’m off to learn how to make my VE page a little more shiny.

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