Well I totally fixed the lawnmower…

I’m sure everyone was worried how my lawn would get mowed if my lawnmower broke…but fear not. Not only am I a musician, developer and skilled dog petter. I am also quite handy and was able to fix the lawn mower with a $7 part from Amazon. So the lawn is now mowed.

But now demo day has come and gone and the realization that I am now an unemployed Jr developer is hitting hard. I have been pretty picky with where I have sent resumes out and have pretty much only inquired to positions I am well under-qualified for or ones that didn’t exist at all with organizations I have true interest in. I have also sent out quite a few messages to managers I know from my stint in the staffing industry.

I am actually a tad surprised that I have received no responses at all. Not even a “try again in 5 years,” or a “Hey Jeff, I remember you, but we don’t hire Jrs”…Which would be extremely disconcerting if my life for the past 10 years wasn’t full of being ignored by folks in hiring positions. While I am still working a couple prospects, I am beginning to worry about my financial future…not that it is warranted just yet, but when no money is coming in and you want to enjoy the lifestyle of an Arab Prince, you can understand the concern.

Last week I tried to put Angular JS 2.0 on a .Net Core project made from Visual Studios Mac on the Mac side of my OS…it actually took 2 days to get the environment running correctly. Boy it was messy. My angular files are not being recognized so something is off at this point. I am going to make another run at it and also try in my Windows environment to see if it is any better. I am also planning on attending a Node.js meet-up this week as well and try to snag some new skills.

Wish me luck.