How I Overcame Fear. For Now

It happens. You’re going strong one day, feeling like you can take on the world. Next day your hopes and dreams come tumbling down. Why is that? For the past week or two I have been battling this internal conflict. After much thought and searching, I came to a conclusion as to why. I hope that this post, can help you steer through the roller coaster of fears.


Fear is something we don’t want to deal with often. It usually involves an insecurity and a chance of failing ourselves and others. Whether it’s something you want to accomplish, a relationship you want to make better. Having motivation and willpower are two very important things to consider if you want to achieve your goals. It takes strength, effort and time. But the truth is, we fear what we don’t know. How do you know if the person you are trying to communicate with won’t shut you down? What are they going to say? How do you know if you will accomplish the goal you are trying to set for yourself? Fear. Fear. Fear…. I have good news for you though, with a little bit of planning and trickery, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is what I did.

Our Interpretation

I studied this in psychology class. Our emotions and rational decisions are based on our physiological states and our interpretation of them. Let me explain. Your palms get sweaty, your heart starts beating fast, your eye opens a little wider. What did you interpret this as? Fear? Anxiety? The truth is all of them. Our body reacts the same way as a defense mechanism, but our understanding of those are based on the current situation we may find ourselves in. We feel our hearts beating fast and palms getting sweaty when we are getting ready to take a test, talk to a crush, or during an interview. During this time it is vital to comprehend why exactly you are feeling this way. Take a time to stop, think and process all of it.

What You Should Do

Once I understood why I was experiencing fear, I came to a conclusion. I was experiencing fear because I was doing things I was not comfortable doing. Making an important phone call, talking to a stranger, embarking on a journey to building the life I want to live. Not things some may be used to doing. So here’s what I did. Once the fear kicked in I quickly concluded that it was because I am trying to push myself to become better. Fear was a sign that I was doing just that, so instead of being paralyzed by it, I started using it as a reason to keep going. It’s all about our interpretation my friend. On the off time, when you are not doing those things that cause fear, think to yourself. “The next time I experience fear, it’s because I am pushing myself to do something that will better my life.” After a little while of doing this, your mind will start interpreting fear differently and you will be on your way to becoming a better you.