Stressed Interviewer
Stressed Interviewer

Testing potential candidates sounds like one of those fun ideas a designer came up with while slamming work beers. But it isn’t. File it away with other dumb ideas like design policies and working while drunk.

I’ve done a few of these challenges now — I’m going to sound bitter and angry but I always do — and they are a complete waste of time. Interviews aren’t a great way to understand people but that’s a whole another discussion. I’d like to focus on one part of the interview process, and that’s the design test, or challenge, or project, or whatever. They typically go as follows: You’re given a simple project or problem to design for (it’s never simple) and you’re asked to create some basic deliverables such as research, wireframes, or visual designs. …

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Please consider the following resumes for future employment at your tech company

Brian Shaw

Yale Law School
Juris Doctor

University of Pennsylvania
BS, Computer Science

Head of Cybersecurity Policy at Facebook
2015 — Present

Developed and coordinated administrative policy on cybersecurity technology. We arbitrarily pursued and applied policy goals so as not to disrupt the dominance of our platform. We were well aware that Buddhist extremists were using Facebook to instigate hatred and violence against the Rohingya minority. Myanmar was a success story at Facebook and there is a delicate balance between maintaining success and life. …

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Jared Spool, is a professional designer who has made a living designing software and running workshops where he teaches design thinking. I like Jared and he’s a good designer. He is also a designer in the long line of design thought leaders who likes to tell everyone that they’re a designer.

Well, I for one am sick and tired of it. I’ve spent my entire life applying art and design. Thinking about it, practicing it, getting a degree in it and then working at it for over a decade. So have many others like me. I’ve had my soul crushed, buried, resurrected and only to be buried once again in the form of brutal critiques, successes, failures, acceptance and rejection. …



just a dude living in boston — www.jeffmullerdesign.com

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