Tech blog of Japan vs USA

Software development is a lot of googling.

But after countless hours of googling, I realized something interesting. Depending on the topic I wanted to search, I would use a different language of google.

-Detailed tutorials(how to useTravisCI with AWS and Github)

-quick question of how to do something(reverting in git, finding disk usage in CentOS)
-Gather opinions on a matter(what kind of continuous integration tools are out there)

One quick google search on the same topic (how to use TravisCI with AWS and Github) suggests a trend that created my habits.

I searched “travis ci aws tutorial Japanese”

It’s clear that there are more sponsored results in English and more personal blogs for Japanese side. I am not saying that sponsored tutorials are worse, but it tends to be verbose and more content that we ever ask for. Tutorials in personal blogs tend to have developer’s perspective because developers themselves are writing them.

Where as Japan does not have a Stack Overflow. So if I wanted a quick answer to a small question, there is nothing that beats Stack Overflow. On top of that, Stack Overflow offers many opinions. Although the website discourages opinions, it doesn’t prevent people from providing opinionated answers. Regardless of how accurate they are, with enough searching around, you can find a general opinion regarding a topic by aggregating answers. For me, this was a good way to understand a new topic in a new industry.

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