Life at BCIT

What Two Months into the Broadcasting Program Look Like

When I first arrived onto the BCIT Campus On September 5th, I had no idea what to expect from this program. I heard that the program was intensive and grueling as for the next couple of years of my life were going to be dedicated to living, sleeping and breathing the BCIT Broadcasting and Online Media Journalism program. I had also heard that the program well-recognized across Canada, and was going to educate about the correct way to be a news broadcaster. So far, what I’ve heard has come true.

I’m already two months into the program and I’ve had my peaks and valleys. My own assumptions about the program have been completely changed. I had come from UBC previously where I achieved a degree in English and Cultural Studies. I had spent five years of my life there and had been accustomed to writing long academic articles in short periods of time. I felt as though, because of my passion for writing that I would be great at news writing and that my giant take-away from the program would be more of a central focus on news writing. After two months, I was completely wrong. I almost never want to discover an original news story and write with so much pressure under me to get the story done so quickly. The news writing course has completely thrown me off balance.

However, with every valley there is a peak. I have enjoyed my time working with Photoshop CC, Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition. I can tell, that I have a passion for working more on a technical side of news journalism, as even when I go home, from a long day of classes, I still have the energy to watch tutorials and guidebooks on different and creative ways to create my pieces. I am excited to see what will the next month will have in store for me, as now the school crunch begins.