Hmm. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about DrupalCon locations recently and I’ve come to a…
Rachel Lawson

Hmmmm — I’d mostly, but not completely,be ok with that. DrupalconNA already seems more “business”y (afaict — I’ve never had the good fortune actually to attend DrupalconEUR).

I wouldn’t want to go too far down that path, though — even domestic travel can be problematic for a lot of attendees and, while they can help fill the gap, Camps, as good and as helpful as they are, seem a bit bush-league compared to the big-time of Drupalcon, so more de-emphasis of the technical side at Drupalcon would IMO be counterproductive and discouraging to techies at all levels.

Maybe what’s really needed is a shorter, business-centric Drupal conference along the lines of Acquia Engage and a separate, more technically oriented one like the annual euro Drupal Developer Days.

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