Playing with 30M Lives

DPRK Artillery

Why Kim Jong Un Isn’t Afraid of Donald Trump:

If they did not attack us when we didn’t have nuclear weapons and missile that could reach them, they are not going to do it now…
He is likely to view Donald Trump much like his predecessors — as a president who doesn’t like North Korea’s nuclear capabilities but with few realistic options for stopping it.

Mattis Warns U.S. Could Bring ‘Total Annihilation’ to North Korea:

“We made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, South Korea and Japan, from any attack,” Mattis said of the U.S. military.

The Peanut — North Korea Tests A New Nuke — Continues To Press For Negotiations:

One must now assess that North Korea has the capability to make, launch and deliver staged thermonuclear weapons up to megaton size at ICBM ranges. Most of China, Japan and at least the U.S. west coast are in reach of such a weapon. With this warhead size the somewhat dubious accuracy of North Korean missiles has much less relevance…
History tells us that the U.S. completely devastated North Korea and killed some 20% of its population, not vice versa. So far only North Korea had to fear nuclear destruction. That has now changed into a more balanced situation. A preventive or preemptive war on North Korea is no longer an option.

From the comments:

NK isn’t threatening to attack anyone; they just want to be left alone; and sovereign.
For critical thinking-able humans sovereignty is the bottom line; NK insist’s on its sovereignty.
It’s important to note; at least 28 countries (and counting?) have given up their sovereignty to the U.S. in the guise of NATO membership. Numerous other countries have, if not literally, then effectively, given up their sovereignty to the U.S. outright.
Demand sovereignty, and one automatically becomes an enemy; bend the knee or die.

The Norks, failing Russia, are the last excuse for Zionists to attack America.

Harvey and climate change are Zionist weapons.

They can’t create jobs and they won’t distribute the wealth. We have to die.

The fascist NC Legislature has already sent an unmistakable threat to the poor: Leave or Die.

This is the same threat made to all nations we have subjugated.

We are so far down the road to serfdom as to resemble cattle.

Millions are prepared to starve while sitting in their new pickup trucks.

The greatest impediment to revolution is what’s sitting in your neighbor’s garage.

Prosperity gospel is the greatest lie since papal dispensations.

Warmongers weaponized sheeple by using religion to turn them into tribes.

For my tribe to be good, yours must be evil.

We become the thing we hate.

The threatened citizens of Seoul are innocent pawns in an insane game.

With friends like us, the ROK doesn’t need enemies.

Millions of South Koreans may die to finally prove the impotence of the US military.

We haven’t tested an ICBM since 1962.

The DPRK has yet to offer proof of a viable reentry vehicle and warhead.

While neither the Norks nor the US may be capable of launching an ICBM, the Norks are quite capable of obliterating the 30M residents of Seoul with artillery.