Goodbye, iPhone
Stewart Alsop

Stewart — many thanks for taking on this life-altering experiment, and please do keep the rest of us informed. I’ve been considering the same change, but cant yet work up the courage to pull the trigger. It looks like things may not be rosy on the Google side either.

To help flesh out the scorecard between the nexus and the iPhone 7, let me add to your list on the latter. My biggest problems with my Verizon iPhone 7 right now are (1) very poor wireless connectivity (cellular AND wifi AND bluetooth), (2) lousy battery life, (3) rapid performance degradation that can only be fixed by frequent rebooting, (4) random butt actions (not just frequent butt dials, but butt app-deletes as well. The facebook app was deleted last week).

I’m having even worse problems with my new MacBook Pro. Ive had to return three in a row since November (half of keyboard would not work, battery wouldn’t charge, wifi/bluetooth stopped working), and will probably have to return this fourth one as well due to continuing wireless reliability problems.

I’m convinced that we’re seeing Apple’s “Eve of Destruction.” They seem to have lost interest in personal computers (big ones and small ones), and have become jealous of Tesla. This is likely to have a bad ending for customers and shareholders alike.

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