You Are Not A Commodity

How You Became A Commodity

Industrial revolution brings massive progress by narrowly defining worker roles.

OK, The World Is Trying to Commoditize Me

It Is Time To Build Your Own Assembly Line

Fiverr is a tool for finding cheap, skilled contractors

At the start of the day the programmers choose their own work during daily stand-up meetings.

There are no PMs, Iteration Managers, BAs, QAs / testers or “managers of programmers” — all the normal rules of managing software development in a professional environment are gone. This is on the basis that formality and rules are constraining to creativity and productivity.

It runs on the concept that with no managers to give power to their programmers to go ahead and develop (managers “empowering” their teams), programmers go ahead and take total responsibility for the success of each project in a form of self-organized “anarchy”.

WhatsApp’s 11 person team building a $19 billion company epitomizes increased engineer leverage

How To Build

DataQuest is an online school for data science and machine learning

What To Build

The wrong approach
scikit-learn provides simple and efficient tools for machine learning
Hardware, like machine learning, is easier than it sounds
Supply and demand forces that cannot be understated
Poor connectivity in developing countries leads to unique consumer demands


Imagine how it would look if the x-axis was dollars per engineer
Innovations made by internal employees

Conclusion: Why Build?



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