Rachel Nabors

I read every word you wrote and looked at every drawing you made even though there was something on TV that I wanted to start watching. I I also read many of the responses. First, I like your unedited style. It put me behind you, looking over your shoulder as this nightmare unfolded. I do not know how you stayed so strong, especially without sleep for that amount of time while you were under extreme stress. Good for you. Second, you made your point quite clearly that we have created this post-911 world we live in. I, for one, am glad I did all my traveling (16 countries, 38 states) when I was younger and in the military … keeping my country safe. Since 911 I have been to Spain and Italy once and Hawaii twice. All without incident. Perhaps my retired military ID card helped, but I still needed my Passport. I am now too old to put up with the BS from young people who are trying to do their jobs as TSA agents, but failing miserably whether domestic or foreign. I would never return to a country which is supposed to be our strongest partner if they treated me as they treated you. It was no mix-up. It was willful meanness. Not hard to see why the UK voted to exit the EU. Good riddance. Now you keep on keeping on. And don’t pay much attention to some of the responses. They missed your points.

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