Blocking on Medium, the new game!
Jim Reeves

I venture to say I am older than you. I found a few writers on Medium that let me in — really let me in — to their worlds. Funny thing is most are much younger than me and are female. They never offer anything but their feelings and rarely ask for anything in return, except maybe coffee money. These are the people I dreamed of becoming when I was in my 20s and early 30s but life happened and now I will be 72 on May 14th. I have plenty of stories but terrible writing skills. However, I have composed a few that reside on my computer. Stuff about how I almost died as a teenager, how I flunked out of college my freshman year (1963), the day I enlisted in the Army, and a collection of memories between 1945 (the early years are really stories I remember from my family members) and 1957 (the last year before I became a teenager, the year I left elementary school behind, the year my sister graduated from high school, and the year my paternal grandfather died (my first funeral). This collection, when/if I finish writing is for my son and daughter; a peek into my childhood … the good, the bad, and the stupid so that they can see me as a person who was once young like they were not so many years ago. Medium invited me to join their club but I ignored them. I thought maybe my failure to join resulted in seeing a lot of stories I didn’t like or writers I didn’t follow. Now, I realize I am experiencing the new Medium and I am glad I didn’t fork over the monthly $5. I may “follow” you, Jim Reeves, for a bit to see how it goes.