No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

I find all of this very disturbing.

I’m sorry that you suffered such a terrible act of violence Mrs. Giffords. My brother was killed by a semi truck when he was 16 and learning how to drive, but you won’t find me or my family advocating for more driving regulations. It seems the democrats are too eager to manipulate a tragedy. This country is doing more than I think is necessary to combat terrorism and other forms of violence. I say leave it alone, enjoy the life you still have, you are very lucky to be alive. There will always be tragedy. The laws we have now are fine. Tell your friends in D.C. to quit calling you.

Lets talk about the first amendment, for a change. I don’t think we need all speech to be free, some things shouldn’t be allowed to thrive to the extent that we allow it. I’m talking about a jihadist murder advocate or a polygamist child rapist, two problems that immediately come to mind. There is nothing at all in the way of speech regulations but what if there were? Lock up jihadists for what they say, before they act. At least add them to surveillance programs. It’d be one of the easiest things to prosecute.

No, let’s just quit thinking so hard and leave it alone, one shooter every few years is the best we can do.

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