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I know what it is about your message that pisses people off. You’re mimicking what you see your leaders doing, but what you’re mimicking is simply a strategy, a facade, an alter-ego meant to appeal to the masses. More often than not (a lot more often) that strategy isn’t good for anybody except the person purveying it. You’re a “talking head” and there isn’t a shred of valuable thought to be found, just a regurgitation of political talking points.

That’s about all you see on MSNBC these days is talking point pushers.

Here is the rational way of looking at this: immigration is something that needs to be balanced, you can’t just let the rest of the world in. You need to protect the identity of countries with quotas, and you disallow some people in that just have no place here like criminals. Let in family members of citizens, people with a job to do, etc. This is a no-brainer, it’s done by every country. America doesn’t owe the rest of the world anything. It was our ancestors that built this country the way they wanted.

Also, people aren’t drawn to crazy. You have completely failed when it comes to understanding your enemy. You, left-wing pundits, are the ones calling Donald Trump crazy. I see no crazy at all, just a billionaire who’s decision-making isn’t affected by the sort of things affecting you (shame, guilt, fashion, etc.) I can’t speak for all but I suspect most people voting for him assume Donald Trump is an intellectual trying to win an election against a powerful opponent using unconventional strategy.

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