My experience with Debt Relief so…far

So when I first moved out to Arizona, I met my lady, finding out later she had debt she couldn’t pay off, I kept telling her I’ll help you out. Turns out I couldn’t help because I was putting myself into debt, she decided to file for bankruptcy.

It started with wanting to build credit, why would I care about building credit? Who gives a rats ass about credit? Apparently it comes in handy for a lot of things you “qualify” for. I think as long as you work, you save your money, you use your money wisely, you don’t do anything stupid like crimes, that should be your credit.

Anyway, one credit card turned into too many I couldn’t handle. I rack up a card, use another for a balance transfer and since the card I paid off with the balance transfer, I use it up, now there’s two, then use a third card to balance transfer to pay off another and the cycle just kept repeating itself.


So one night, I was depressed and drinking, I kept seeing Freedom Debt Relief advertised, I thought what the heck! I call them, my lady and I qualify, the ball gets rolling. Turns out, a company called Century, also called Centuryss in P.A. takes over.

Our phones start blowing up from debt collectors a month later, we get a summons for my lady from D.B. now luckily the money was in the reserve account by the time we received her summons. We pay off my lady’s debt with D.B. her summons is dropped. We wait a while for mine, then, what you know, I get a summons for me from D.B. Now since I had a larger limit, if I was thinking clearly that night when I called and told them, I don’t want my Discover Card in the program, I wouldn’t be deeper in this pile that I put myself in the first place, maybe wouldn’t even qualify. So I send off the papers to Century, they call December 1st with a negotiation but I turn it down because I only make $600-$700 checks mostly and I was already paying $450 a month or more depending on the month, $225 every two weeks because that’s when Wal-Mart likes to pay.

If you have too much credit card debt, you don’t want to file for bankruptcy, call the credit card companies first and see how they can help you. If you decide to go with a debt relief program, as long as your paychecks are big enough that they can withdraw a large sum and you still have enough to pay your utility bills, sure go with a debt relief program.

So, when you want a credit card to build credit, keep your credit cards to a minimum, keep them paid off, don’t get more than two. Use them wisely!