This Sucks!

Now I didn’t quit, I was “terminated!”

The reason for this, they had a strict policy, the associate is only allowed 9 absences, well, I went one over, oops! I took advantage of this, all because they give their associates “personal hours.” You build the time, the hours, you should have the right to take a day off now and then as long you have the hours and not get into trouble. Now all of this would’ve been fine if I scheduled all these days I wanted off in advance. Well, when your management gets on you for the dumbest things, pisses you off, you’re burnt out, you don’t want to be there.

Here’s the other reason: When I was a child, my parents noticed I had varicose veins, I had surgery when I was older and as I got older, my body got weaker. Now that’s my fault because I don’t work out. I don’t want to pay for gym memberships and I am pretty sure they get cleaned everyday and night and I never had the desire to invest in my own gym equipment. When the day comes I make a lot of money, I will buy a house in cash, with enough rooms, I will have an office, a gym, and maybe a dungeon 50 Shades of Gray style. I will motivate myself to use my personal gym and get stronger but until then, I try to keep my weight down, I don’t sit on my butt all day and any chance I can walk around if it’s going to the mall, the grocery store, hikes or if I decide to walk around the crappy neighborhood I live in.

Let’s get back about good old Wal-Mart!

I put in nine years at one store, seen a lot people come and go, made some “friends,” this would of been my 10th year as a cashier. As a Cashier! Why?! Well, in the start of my “career” at Wal-Mart, I didn’t like the night shift. I didn’t want them to control my schedule. I filled out a permanent availability form which was the death of climbing the ladder to higher positions. I changed it over time and always went back to a 7am to 4pm shift. Now that’s a good shift but not for Wal-Mart!

If you want to be a Boss, have your own company one day and have no clue, work for Wal-Mart for a year or two if you want. I don’t hate the company, I don’t love the company but I like the company because we all know Wal-Mart is one of the largest and smartest. The company provides many benefits to their associates, like matching contribution to the associates 401K, now that’s good money for the future!

Now in two months, if I want to return to the company, I can reapply. Here’s a thought, it’s more understandable for someone new but for someone like me who put in nine years, suspension would been a smarter choice perhaps. Although, when I got the news and all my days I took off finally caught up with me, not only was I shocked, scared, but relieved.