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This is just more of the same old flim-flam that a man who sold out to the banksters before he became President has given us since his first day in office.

Case in point: to say that we must pursue the passage of the TPP because “trade” is beneficial is like saying that we must drain the oceans because people drown in “water.” The generalized platitudes don’t even come close to making a rational argument for the specific actions. Likewise, the thought processes used in virtually all the arguments of this essay fall short, and are more worthy of a renegade from a home for the mentally incompetent than of a Constitutional Scholar. (I am not saying that our President is stupid; I am saying that he is disingenuous, and his arguments specious.)

His over-hyped nonsense about how he has made our economy vibrant are debunked here:

Am I saying that we should turn to the “remedies” of the right, which got us here in the first place? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am saying that President Obama, obstructed though he was, has adhered too closely to the policies of the right, including those of his predecessor. For all his talk of tax fairness, it was he who made the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent — a reactionary move if ever there was one, and yet another example of a man who talks the talk but fails to walk the walk. I am saying that we need to try some of the things that he speciously claims are no good — like breaking up those banks that own him body and soul.

It is time to face the broken promises of the right — people like our President — and embrace the progressive reforms that will lead to change that we can not only believe in but measure the good of in the world around us.

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