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You have trouble being passionate because you THINK all you have to be passionate about is the choice that THEY give you? Why can’t you be passionately against BOTH?

You think this is about good versus evil? On the one hand, you have a guy who’s down EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS on his lifetime, who STILL tried to set himself up as a real estate god (don’t make me laugh) and bilk every cent he could out of anyone foolish enough to believe in him. On the other, you have woman so corrupt that she couldn’t get elected to oversee my toilet, and she went out and proved it by, when the voters caught up with her, rigging the primaries and putting her hand in the ballot box. So, where’s the good guy? These two are BOTH EVIL.

So elect someone else. Vote FOR someone and not AGAINST one of these two creeps. Stand on your own two feet. This is AMERICA, NOT NAZI GERMANY, NOT COMMUNIST CHINA! You don’t HAVE to do what they say just because they say so!

If you’re depressed, look forward to staying depressed as long as you fail to challenge the jerks who are trying to do this to us.

That said, here’s a new term for your vocabulary: “The Cassandra Effect.”

Cassandra was a Trojan princess in Ancient Greek Lore. She had the power to see the future, but nobody she told about it would believe her. Now, when I get into a situation where I think I know what’s going to happen, but nobody does a damn thing to stop it, I call it “The Cassandra Effect.” Notice that this takes its name from an ancient source. This should imply to you that I do not think I am the only one who ever feels this way, or the first one who ever felt this way. I think it happens all the time, to lots of people, in fact.

So here’s a little vision for you folks to ponder:

The next President of the United States will be Hillary Rodham Clinton. She will move the corrupt Clinton Foundation, her corruption cash cow, into Washington and, from then on, we will never be free of it. We will never see another truly democratic election — this election that you’re so unenthusiastic about will be all that you ever can hope for. (They’re already starting to set up Andrew Cuomo here in New York as a future Corruptor In Chief — more Cassandra Effect.) The next true change of government will be accomplished with bullets rather than ballots (don’t blame me, I don’t even own a gun). Some historians will refer to Clinton’s ascendance as the fall of America. Certainly, we’ll never be a democracy again.

Someone prove me wrong. Stop this before it starts. If you can.