Startups are an interesting place to live. We immerse ourselves in strategy and big ideas yet rely on a cast of energetic risk takers who know how to get things done. The things we read and the conferences we attend are full of strategic thinkers and we often struggle in isolation on the topics that actually advance the business.

My team was here in San Francisco for the RSA Conference, bringing together my content, product marketing, and SDR folks from Chicago with my demand generation manager here in the Bay Area. Everyone stayed over the weekend to work out of HanaHaus in Palo Alto for the week.

I wanted to bring in some guest speakers, analysts, and other smart people but upon consideration decided that my challenges were far more tactical. Quite often we find ourselves pondering the nuances of conversion metrics, content planning, and search engine optimization. The details.

My best friend, Sameer Patel is the CEO of Kahuna, a company of similar size to NowSecure. Sameer and I are scrappy and guerrillas at heart, more at home with growth hacking than Six Sigma. Every single dollar we spend in our respective budgets needs to produce a return because we can’t afford to waste money or time. Wasted time is worse than wasted budget, you can raise more money but you can’t raise more time.

I texted him one night and said “would you like to get your team together with my team for a couple of hours to talk about what works and what does not?”.

Demandfest 2017 was born. And then it got bigger, from 2 to 4 hours with a social hour at the end of the day. We pinged some friends and more teams signed up. There is a significant appetite for a practitioners forum organized by practitioners.

I have a feeling that what we organized over the last couple of weeks, to be held on Thursday 2/23 at Kahuna’s HQ in Redwood City, is much bigger than we realize. Working groups, speed dating sessions, and creative brainstorming across companies can produce outsized results.

Participants this week will pair up to cover content planning, search advertising, SEO, SDR tactics, sales enablement, analytics, CTA placement, and marketing stack makeup.

We’ll be livestreaming the event, follow us at @nowsecuremobile and @kahuna for live updates on Thursday starting at 12:00 PT.

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