Jeff Nourse Demystifies Male Skin Care: Lotions, & Toners & Serums, Oh My…

Jeff Nourse, a Toronto-based entrepreneur explains the most important staples to a male skin care routine.

Have you ever been at your girlfriend’s place and took a look at the skin care products she uses? Words like balm, serum, butter, whip, toner, moisturizer and cream can seem a little confusing especially if your facial skin care routine features regular hand soap and body lotion. Purchasing a few go-to products doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take you an hour to apply, however properly maintaining your skin (especially the face) is crucial if you want to combat the signs of aging and keep your skin healthy and fresh.

1. Cleanser

Washing off all the dirt and sweat of the day is the easiest and most impactful way to slow down the signs of aging. Depending on your skin you may want to choose a foam cleanser or cream cleanser, either way opting for one that features natural ingredients, as well as vitamins and nutrients will gently clean the skin and slow down the aging process. Look for cleansers that don’t dry out or strip your face of natural oils, this can make your skin dry and flaky.

2. Toner

While you probably have heard of cleansers and face wash before toner is probably a completely foreign concept. Toners in their simplest form are an astringent (liquid that causes the skin to contract) they are excellent at deep cleaning pores and conditioning the surface of the skin. You may have had an experience with toner as a teen, I remember my sister rubbing Sea Breeze on my face and telling me to go stand by the window, the cool breeze blowing on to the skin felt cool and relieving. That was because Sea Breeze was an alcohol-based toner (that’s also why it stung so bad) and for people with oily or combination skin alcohol-based toners can help counteract the oiliness and balance their complexion. If alcohol is too strong for you there are toners with Witch Hazel and tea tree oil, both considered a natural antiseptic and can also balance skin without over drying or stinging like alcohol-based toners.

“Taking care of your skin is a gift that keeps on giving over your entire lifetime,” Jeff Nourse.

3. Serum

Serums are probably as equally confusing as toners when it comes to what they are and why you need them. Rest assured they are an important element to a complete skin care routine. Serums are concentrated water-based products packed with vitamins and other great ingredients that can deeply hydrate, replenish and nurture skin. The most popular are usually derived from vitamin C however there are lots of other great serums that are full of vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Serums are a highly concentrated add-on, (like Yoshi for Mario — not completely necessary but a welcomed ally — ) which makes your skin care products work faster and more effectively. You can also get serums that target specific concerns, like reducing wrinkles, adding brightness, fighting acne, or enhancing hydration.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to serum is it goes on after your cleanse and before you moisturize. For best results allow the serum to completely soak in before applying moisturizers or creams.

Taking care of your skin is a gift that keeps on giving over your entire lifetime. Purchasing the right products can reduce the signs of wrinkles and dark spots and keep your skin soft and hydrated. In addition to cleanser, toner and serums a high quality moisturizer and daily SPF protection are key in keeping your skin looking as youthful as possible.

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