I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative, I am a human being…

I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. These are labels that divide us. I wish people would quit labeling and talking about sides. I consider myself compassionate, and I am drawn to compassionate people. I am someone who cares about other people and that everyone is treated fairly, respectfully, and given the same opportunities and chances as everyone else. I am someone who believes all races, genders, cultures, and sexual orientations deserve to be treated with respect and equality. I like to know the people surrounding my life feel this same way towards each.

I am an immigrant. So are you, unless you are Native American. I have no more rights to this country than the people immigrating still today. Just because my family was 100 years ago, does not make me more privileged. This does not make me liberal. Its just looking uo and seeing what history really looks like.

I recognize that slavery was atrocious. It was brutal. Americans enslaved other human beings owned them, slaved them, and tortured and killed them. Native Africans were captured like animals, and treated like animals, hung and tortured and maimed. By Americans. I am sickened by that history. And I have recently understood how so short ago in time it was. Just 3 of my lifetimes ago. Just 2 of my parents lifetimes. That is just yesterday and I see how all of that torture, trauma, and mistreatment still lingers with us today. This does not make me liberal. Hopefully it just makes me human.

Equally, Native Americans lived in our great country for thousands of years before the British came and pushed them out of their own land. I recognize this sad history as well and how it has shaped our Native American people and culture today. This is history, not a “liberal” view.

I believe that human nature has bad and good. I do not believe that a particular culture, race, or religion is bad or good. There are bad Muslims (ISIS) and good Muslims (Aneelah Afzali). There are bad and good Christians (MLK) And bad Christians (Robert L. Dear Jr). I believe fear and lack of knowledge breeds hate, no matter where you exist on our planet. It really has nothing to do with a culture, or religion. I believe the combat to this is love, education, and knowledge. I try to love everyone as best I can. My family, my coworkers, neighbors, and all the citizens around the world. Everyone was born into their circumstance and good people whether it is in Seattle, Yakima, Damascus, or Tehran. We’re just people. All of us.

This is the only planet we have. And it is an expendable resource. The forests, jungles, oceans, lakes, rivers, glaciers don’t come back if destroyed. When I was born there were 3.3 billion people. Now there are 7.4B. And when my children get to be my age it will be 11 billion. With population growth comes a tax on our planet, the need to feed everyone in a world, where even today there is starvation. The planet temperature is warming, and its causing trouble. I want my grand daughter to know polar bears, grizzly bears, elephants, whales, giraffes, rhinos, gorillas, tigers, and every other form of amazing creature to continue to exist for this is the wonder of our planet and has been for millions of years. I want the natural resources we depend upon for our lives to continue to support the planet for millenniums to come.

I do not like Donald Trump. This does not make me liberal, it makes me someone who cares about a person’s character. Especially one leading this great nation. His degrading attitude towards women, his grade school conduct on twitter, his bullying. Politics aside, he’s not a man I have any respect for. Give me another Republican. While I don’t agree with Reagan or Bush Sr’s politics, I respect them and their character. So the fact that I don’t have any respect for Donald Trump does not make me “in the left camp”

I do have my beliefs, my views, my political opinions that do typically fall to the Democratic side. But that is not what this is about. This is about my belief in what it means to be a compassionate caring citizen among all people on this planet. We are all here together. I hope we all remain here together.