What the WAPO article conveniently omits is that Dotcom said he wants passage to the US to testify…
Chris T

Actually, if you read the whole article (I only excerpted parts of it), it does say that Kim Dotcom posted on his website “that he would give his full statement after a ‘guarantee from Special Counsel [Robert S.] Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back.’”

I’m not sure whether a “statement” is the same thing as “testimony” and in what venue he envisioned giving his “testimony.” Would it be be under oath? Is it his notion that he can just come and insert himself in Mueller’s investigation? This is a convicted hacker who was previously found to have fabricated “email evidence” in another matter.

The claim that he wants a guarantee of safe passage to the U.S. reeks of a disingenuous excuse. Much like Hannity’s excuse that “out of respect for Rich’s family,” he has nothing further “for now.” And let’s face it — that hideous hack Hannity was pretty much all that Dotcom had going for himself.

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