“living in states made relevant by the arcane electoral college”
Stephane Ferland

The notion that the Electoral College gives people in red states a voice that would otherwise be drowned out by those baddies in New York, California, and other blue states is specious. News flash: many, many people in states that went for Trump voted for Clinton. By freezing out the blue state voters, the EC also freezes out significant numbers of red state voters who would like their votes to count along with their fellow Americans elsewhere in the country.

Look at it this way: in three decisive swing states — Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvaia — Trump’s combined margin of victory was was about 80,000 votes. So for every 200 people who voted for Trump, about 198 voted for Clinton. But the votes of that latter block don’t count either.

We elect a President to be the leader of all of America, not just the people who voted for him, or her.

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