A similar piece of code in many infrastructure software. Photo: Pexels

What is common in Kubernetes, Openstack, SaltStack, Logstash/Elastic, and Zabbix ? Why we still need a polling engine when having push & message bus?

TL;DR: Showed the Master/Agent model’s prevalence in today’s cloud by citing 17 notable infrastructure software adopting this model in 5 categories. While they were built for different purposes, a shared impactful aspect is how fast and scalable the master interacts and orchestrates with the agents. We discussed the poll/push as the interaction options, and argue that a generic polling/aggregation engine remains a necessary part for such systems and may greatly reduce the duplicate work in them.

Jeff Pei

Software Deployment @LinkedIn, previously @eBay. API, author of parallec.io & REST Commander. Views my own. jeffpei.com

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