10 Best Men’s Health Resources

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It can be tough being a man in today’s modern medical system. The ladies have dedicated specialists such as obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYN).

Where are the andrologists for men?

Have no fear. It turns out there are great men’s health resources which I’ve compiled for your convenience. Plus there are a number of men’s health advocacy initiatives working hard to raise awareness of the need for andrology on your behalf.


1. The Men’s Health Network

An informational and educational organization recognizing men’s health as a specific social concern and committed to promoting issues affecting men’s health. I give them my personal support: #ShowUsYourBlue


2. Men’s Health Resource Center

Excellent directory of male-specific health topics and disease categories operated by the Men’s Health Network.


3, WebMD

Very comprehensive directory of resources for men covering health, diet, exercise, sex, and male-specific disease, and more.


4. Movember

The Movember Foundation is a movement for men’s health: a global charity raising funds and awareness. They invest in key problem areas to fund breakthrough research and support services. I give them my personal support: mobro.co/TheHealthyExecutive


5. Internet Self-Diagnosis

A good tutorial on how to use the internet to search for disease information and self-diagnosis including common pitfalls by Men’s Health Magazine.


6. Drive For Men’s Health

Two doctors drive across the US in a Tesla and during their recharge stops they offer educational lectures and activities to raise awareness for Men’s Health. I support these fine docs personally.


7. HealthFinder.gov

A comprehensive directory of government reviewed men’s health resources compiled by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Center for Disease Control Men’s Health site is less comprehensive but does provide other resources.


8. Just For You Men

Health Canada resources including Diseases and Conditions, Family Violence, Healthy Living, Heart Health, Medications, Mental Health, Risky Behaviours, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Survivors of Abuse, Vision Care, and Work-life Balance.


9. Andrology

Offers resources about functions and diseases specific to males, especially of the reproductive organs, run by by the Australian Government Department of Health.


10. Men’s Health Forum

The Men’s Health Forum is a UK charity that works to improve men’s health services and the health of men.

Bonus: Mision Salud

Mision Salud

Mision Salud es una publicación que cuenta con una solida trayectoria de mas de 17 anos de experienaca editorial, difundiendo la cultura de la salud.


See anything missing?

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