Get 50% Stronger In 1 Minute

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Exercise 97% LESS and GAIN Lean Muscle!

Many executives bullshit that they don’t have time to workout or go to the gym.

But ten minutes a week is all you need to get strong in my experience and that of my clients:

5 bodyweight exercises x 2 minutes each

But what if you could cut this down to 20 seconds a week?

4 lifts x 5 seconds each

Thats a 97% reduction in exercise!

Is anyone seriously going to believe that you can’t find 1 minute in 3 weeks?

Let me show you how I got up to 50% stronger last month in 3 weekly sessions of 20 seconds each.

Why Do This?


As an executive health coach, I always look for legitimate ways to get better results in less time.

My reasons are twofold:

  1. Executives have busy schedules and heavy demands on their time.
  2. Executives are more productive when they are strong and healthy.

There are lots of gimmicks on the health and fitness industry so I use a strict Evidence-Based Approach.

When I came across the Zero Repetition (0 RM) technique of isometric training I was intrigued to see firsthand whether it works or not.

When To Do This


There are at least 2 occasions where 20 seconds of Zero Repetition Maximum (abbreviated as 0 RM) technique can be useful:

  • Heavy Travel Schedule
  • If you are rushing to the airport or to your next client meeting, every second counts.
  • I advocate if you can’t gain, then strive to maintain.
  • I will complete a 0 RM workout in 20 seconds (4 lifts x 5 seconds) in my home environment.
  • In a hotel gym I can quickly do a 0 RM workout using simple dumbbells or even using heavy furniture in my hotel room.
  • Sometimes I’m too fatigued to do 10 minutes of strength training, but I can almost always manage 20 seconds (even if I’m half asleep).
  • Stalled Progress
  • Plateaus or stalls in strength conditioning are an inevitable part of the process.
  • The usual advice is to reduce your lift volume by 20% and/or lengthen your recovery time between workouts.
  • 0 RM training is win-win because you can increase your strength while simultaneously decreasing your volume by 90%.
  • How Often?
  • Based on crowd-sourced evidence, I would advocate judiciously using it 1–2 times a year.
  • 0 RM training works best as a complement to your regular strength training program.
  • Some people have tried to make 0 RM their main program with good-to-mixed results.

How To Do This

How To

Instead of focusing on the amount of exercise and frequency, Zero Repetition Maximum (0 RM, also known as Isometric Contraction) emphasizes intensity of the workout session. This is done by working with weights that are far in excess of what you would use during a multi-rep multi-set strength training routine.

What Zero Repetition Maximum training does is to signal to the central nervous system (CNS) through intense isometric activity that additional muscle growth is necessary. And, it does this in a way that is very different from traditional strength training physiology.

Instead of trying to take a muscle group to failure through the use of repetitions, Zero Repetition Maximum teaches us to simply hold the maximum weight you can handle (in isometric contraction), in your strongest range of motion for a particular movement, for a maximum of 5 seconds. Do not to perform any repetitions with that weight — if you can hold the weight for 10 seconds or more, then increase it.

If you want more information, coach Anthony Robbins talks about the method in a 10-minute video.

Personal Observations

before and after I became The Healthy Executive

before and after I became The Healthy Executive

I measured pre- and post- 0 RM training and my lean muscle mass remained constant at 152 lbs, my bodyfat remained constant at 10%, and my waist diameter remained constant at 33.5".

I have been doing Pull-Ups for a long time (12 months plus) and thus had less room to improve as the results show. Conversely, I am relatively new to Squats and Deadlifts (less than 3 months) and thus had more room to improve as the results show.

Interestingly, I showed good gains in the strict Bench Press which I have being doing for a long time. This was an unexpected positive and is evidence that the 0 RM technique is useful.

Seeing Is Believing? Yes!

As parents we have a strong influence on the health and fitness habits of our kids as this video shows. And as parents we want to be around to see our kids grow up, get married, and have children of their own.

The good news is you can influence your kids nutrition and exercise habits up to the age of 24 (I learned this as part of my health psychology certification).

Its never too late to set a good health example for your family .

Of course kids won’t do as you say, they will do as they see you do.

We Are Health Role Models

Originally published at The Healthy Executive.

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