Men’s Health Interview With Anthony Treas

My recent interview with Anthony Treas for the New Man Health Summit.

We talk about why success can be hazardous, how executives struggle with their health, a critical blindspot, an efficient approach to energy and productivity, and a special bonus for podcast listeners. Here are the details on what we discuss:

1. Why Success Is Hazardous To Your Health

2. Why Do Executives Struggle With Their Health?

  1. Men LIKE To Work. And They’re GOOD At It.
  2. Executive Excuses = No Time, Unpredictable Schedules (Customers, Competitors), Travel, Hate Gym.
  • Richard Branson Runs a Bigger Business Than You AND He Works Out.

3. The Leadership Blindspot: Stress

4. How Is ‘The Healthy Executive’ Approach Different?

  1. Everything Is HARDER When You Are Tired
  2. Fit Leaders Make More Money And Are More Productive
  • Health Starts in Our Heads
  • Our Mind Gives Up Before Our Body Quits
  • Why Breaking Old Habits Is HARD And Forming New Ones Is EASY
  • Internal Dialogue And Unconscious Beliefs
  • I’ll Start Tomorrow: One Of A MILLION Rationalizations
  • Fallacy of Poor Genetics
  • Fallacy of Too Much / Too Little
  • Fallacy of Special Circumstances
  • I Am Certified In Health Psychology
  • There Are 10 Basic Patterns Of Health Decision Making
  • Know Your Health Thinking Pattern.
  • You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Understand.
  • Executive Health Programs and Health Insurance Are ‘Moral Hazards’
  • I Get Results For Men Only Because:
  1. Men Die 6 years Younger Than Women
  2. Men Are 500% More Likely To commit Suicide
  3. Men Can’t Remember The Last Time They Saw The Doctor
  4. Men Maintain Their Car Better Than Their Body

5. Can You REALLY Lose Fat And Get Fit in 1 Hour a Week?

6. Actionable Tips For Podcast Listeners

  1. My Gift To Listeners = 5 FREE Online Self-Assessments
  • Your Readiness For Change
  • Your Health Behavior Pattern
  • Your Stress Score
  • Your Food Environment
  • Your Social Support

2. What Gets Measured Gets Done

3. Tracking Health & Fitness = 500% Improvement

5. New Trend In Men’s Health Is Online Coaching

6. Health Apps and Fitness Wearables Don’t Work

7. Almost All Diet Advice Is Wrong

8. The Health and Fitness Industry Is Broken

A copy of this interview can also be found here .

Originally published at The Healthy Executive.