Nothing To Be Done
Joe Edelman

Great article.

The adjective I would use to describe these visions after reading this article is _conflicting_ .

New visions are often times mere reactions to the previous vision, with out true critical thinking. For example, offices move from cubicles to open spaces. Now working in open offices has become effectively as soul crushing as working in cubicles. People need to preform work in different contexts and cognitive states, deep work, shallow work, collaboration, etc. These contexts were not considered until the dialectic is fully realized and experienced.

I wonder if the next vision is the integration of all of these parts. Allowing for “new” visions which are permutations of current perspectives. SPOILER: Like the end of “Inside Out” by Pixar. In which case we are reaching a new floor of sociological complexity as a civilization. But I suppose I’m describing a vision that is still merely a reaction to_conflicting_.

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