Yes, Python is Slow, and I Don’t Care
Nick Humrich

While I agree with most of your points above, I would like to point out that python is definitely not the most developer-friendly language when it comes to development. Yes, it is easier to use and that probably makes you “think” you are working more efficiently.

I use python + other language in my daily task, while it is great for that, when I need to write something more technical, I quickly go back to other languages to do that. It is just safer. I can name a few things:

The Python manuals are just terribly written. Libraries are all over the place but only limited number of users know how to use it or their existence. Go pick a random library and function, I wonder how many people can just fully understand how it works by reading those oversimplified manuals. Python also allows nicely syntax bugs to persist in your code without being detected till a month later. It can run perfectly and read nicely in python (and give you garbage of course), but in C the compiler will catch those immediately. The memory … argh let’s not talk about that.

I agree how great a language is not about CPU runtime or how fast your code run. Yet, debugging plays a huge part in our life, and the current python (or python community) is just not making that easier. I think what we need is not to force everybody to use python or wank over it 24/7 , but to improving user support and documentation, so they don’t have to dig through stackoverflow everytime they learn a new task.

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