The ability to store and retrieve computer files in a reliable and cost-effective way is one of the most essential aspects of modern computing — one that most of us take for granted at this point. The introduction and refinement of services such as Dropbox over the past few years has made file storage feel like a “solved problem” for the majority of common use cases. …

“Loaded” PoW: A New Direction in Proof-of-Work Algorithms

(While Facebook does nothing, despite numerous reports)

I was recently a target in a phishing scam, and would like to warn others about this evil yet ingenious scam. About a week ago, I noticed an alert on Facebook saying that Stellar Lumens had shared my Facebook cover photo (a digital art piece that I made last year), which was fairly surprising to me.

When I looked more closely at the post, it said that I had won a prize of some Lumens, the native cryptocurrency of the Stellar decentralized payment network. …


Jeffrey Emanuel

Hedge Fund Quant based in NYC

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