The iPhone X: Apple’s Ideology of American Techno-Exceptionalism
Five Alive

This statement : “the iPhone X is really the same phone wrapped within a Samsung display” is so hyperbolic and intellectually dishonest that I can’t take the rest of your analysis seriously.

Skipping ahead to your idea that Shenzhen is some powerhouse of innovation and design and on the cusp of bleeding edge technology, you are so laughably off the mark it is unbelievable. World’s workshop? One of them to be sure. The rest of what you said? Not even close. Where Shenzhen excels is in resourcefulness, reverse engineering, and the ability to throw people and resources at a problem until they craft a solution which is viable if not inelegant. This is aided and abetted by a state ordained system of bribery and nothing to-see-here-ism.

I spent 10 years working in the repair and refurbishment industry for Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. Retail, wholesale, recycling, you name it I was involved at one point or another. I can tell you some wildly fascinating stories about the ingenuity of the engineers and technicians on the ground in Guandong Province. I can also tell you some ridiculous, square peg/ round hole, everything is a nail insanity that goes on there.

Do not be confused. There is very little egalitarian or inspiring going on there though anyone cherry pick a case or two. The wholesale theft of physical and digital IP, financial nut-cutting, police and customs bribery, back dooring from legitimate contractors for profit, and in many cases dangerously unsafe products are nothing to admire.

I could go on and on but I assure you that if you ask anyone who has been in the industry both stateside OR overseas they will agree wholeheartedly with what I just typed.

Converting iPod Touch 4th gen LCDs to work with iPhone 4 and 4s to save $2.00? Check if not with a blue hue.

Manufacturing LCDs compatible with and sold as AMOLEDs for Samsung devices? Got you covered.

Refurbishing damaged iPhone 6 display assemblies by hand and massaging out dead pixels for temporarily clean performance? Sure thing.

Reverse engineering and spoofing MFI chips to bypass apple certification fire hazard be damned. All day long.

Selling water damaged logic boards in counterfeit housings as new phones with knockoff earbuds, and a knockoff charger, in a knockoff box, nice and cleanly shrink wrapped with an ATT Label and SKU? You betcha and you wouldn’t know the difference.

Inventing and engineering (in this case a really amazing one to be admired) a delaminated multipart display that 80% mimics the functionality and pixel density of an iphone 6/6s/7 display at the expense of erratic force touch for 1/4 the price of an OEM component? Like a fish in water.

Designing, engineering, manufacturing, fitting, iterating, redesigning, iterating, fitting, assembling, testing, scaling, marketing, distributing, scaling, and continually supporting display technology, processors, physics engines, cameras, or any similar component from scratch much less a complex sum of its parts product such as an iPhone X or Note 8?

Do you really need me to answer that for you?

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