The one little-known hack that will BREAK your screen addiction!

That’s it. Your screen / phone is so much less interesting to stare at when it is in grayscale.

  • You’ll immediately stop wanting to scroll social media. Photos and content become so much less interesting in grayscale.
  • You’ll increase your concentration when engaging in deep work (like writing for Ship30for30). You’ll be surprised by how much screen colors are the root of the distraction when starting at a screen.
  • Overall, you’ll just find less desire to stare at the screen. Without color, your brain doesn’t get the same dopamine hit, so it craves it less.

Give it a try! I guarantee you it will be the best thing you’ve ever tried to break your screen addiction.


Here’s how to do it on Mac/iPhone (sorry Android users!):

• On iPhone: go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut > Color Filters. Once enabled, all you need to do is triple-click the side button and your screen will go to grayscale. Triple-click again to bring back to color.

• On Mac: go to Systems Preferences > Accessibility > Shortcuts > Check “Color Filters” > Check “Show Accessibility status in menu bar”. Once enabled, you can go to the menu bar and enable “Color Filters” or triple-click the Touch ID button and your screen will go to grayscale.

Both options allow you to enable special toggles (triple-click buttons) to easily switch between grayscale and color. Obviously, there are definitely still use cases for color on screens :).

I keep my phone and computer screen on grayscale as much as possible. It’s been a game changer in helping me break my screen addition.

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