The Beginners Guide To Instagram Stories

Snapchat is not the only social media platform that features disappearing temporary content. Instagram has its own answer to Snapchat. In August last year, Instagram launched its Stories feature. This is similar to Snapchat in that it offers users a way to temporarily share content, such as videos and photos, that get deleted after some time. This new feature is a huge hit with a lot of Instagram users, especially those of the younger demographic. Since it is a relatively new feature that has been added to Instagram, it is pretty understandable that not a lot of people know how to use it. If you still have no clue about it, then this guide to Instagram Stories is going to help you out quite a bit.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an offered feature inside of the app itself. With it, users are able to share content such as photos, videos and even add text to those content. After some time, those photos and videos that are shared on Instagram stories will disappear. Using Instagram Stories, users are able to share real-time experiences that they have. This can actually create a more personal space on Instagram for users to connect with their followers.

Should businesses and brands use Instagram Stories?

If you think that disappearing content is not a suitable Instagram Marketing Strategy for businesses or brands on Instagram, you should think again!

There are a high number of Instagram users that are actively utilizing the Stories features. In the past year there have been over 150 million users that have been active on Instagram stories. And over a third of those Stories that are being viewed come from businesses. Other brands have already seen the huge potential that Instagram Stories has for marketing.

In addition to the number of people that are using Instagram Stories, there is also a high percentage of user engagement from the Stories feature as well. Over 10% of the people that are going to view your Instagram Stories are going to send you a direct message or leave a comment. So clearly, Instagram Stories is a great marketing tool for businesses to reach their target market.

Many other businesses are already using both Snapchat and Instagram Stories as part of their social media lineup. And if you want to compete at the same level as those other businesses, you may want to add Instagram Stories as part of your social media marketing arsenal. The number of people that you are able to reach on Instagram is going to climb only higher if you add using Instagram Stories.

A step by step guide on Instagram Stories

This section is going to teach you how exactly to start using Instagram stories. If you are a beginner in using Instagram, then you must read through this section. It will help a lot in knowing where to start with Instagram Stories.

Step one:

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