There are moments when I feel this sudden compulsion to transcribe, to breathe life into a couple of ordinary words. There are other times I just want to sit back, relax and sink my cerebral teeth into a slice of a good and tasty story. Stories are at the very core of life itself.
Social media is the perfect canvas to paint a good fiction. A couple of months ago, I streamed a video on Facebook that illustrated this point quite clearly. It was about a lady who was involved in a loud argument with her boyfriend. Amidst all the squabbles, he would pick up his phone and take selfies of both of them, and each time the picture showed this happy couple celebrating another beautiful sunny day. Then there was the clip about a woman who prepared a wonderful breakfast. The husband asks excitedly, “Wow! Is this mine?” and she replies, “No. That’s my next DP. You can help yourself to the sandwich over there.”
It so happens that fictional stories are my favourite (I bet you can imagine how I drool over my phone whenever I come online). But as we grow older, we need to see fiction in another light; as wonderfully crafted allegories either conveying wisdom or maybe just a good source of entertainment.
And of course, there’s always that proclivity for acting out our lives according to the scripts handed to us by society. Imagine playing another person’s role with nobody to play yours. You owe it to yourself to discover who you truly are; to unravel the mysteries behind your unique design. Someone is waiting on you, God is counting on you.
What’s your story going to be? Would it be about a dauntless female who vanquished her monsters and seized victory in the end? Or perhaps a tragic tale of “From Grace to Grass”? Would you rather live in a fiction or would you settle for a true-life narrative? Are we going to inspire, entertain or do both? In the end, we are just a bunch of stories waiting to be told.

Afterthought: No wonder Jesus told lots of stories.