Nothing is really hard except in comparison with human touch; sunlight isn't light except it's rays hit your retina.
Is the 'known' therefore dependent on the 'knower'? Yes.
If a tree falls in a forest, it sends out vibrations in the air. Those vibrations cannot become 'noise' except it hits an eardrum.
Perception of reality is therefore limited to our senses (and I mean this in the most general terms).
If the known universe is a sphere, it would take about 93 billion years to traverse it's diameter. And that's if you somehow find a way to travel with the speed of light. Just how big is the unknown universe then?
If God is the custodian of all knowledge, then the mind is but a keyhole through which we peep in a feeble attempt to comprehend. 
The disadvantage of a minuscule view is that what we interpret as a tail of a little mouse may in fact, be a whisker of a ferocious tiger.
Just as existence on earth would be meaningless without humans, life would seem trifling without an all-knowing God.
Thank God looking through a keyhole is not our only option. With Jesus, we can swing the whole door open.