A MAJOR Reason for Marvel’s Sales Slump

This is no surprise to anyone but them

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Hydra are what grew from the Nazis in the Marvel Universe. The Zemos — father and son — developed from it. Arnim Zola came from it. The Red Skull post-WW2 works with them sometimes.

Arnim Zola. Drawn by Jack Kirby. ©2017 Marvel Comics

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (both Jewish) created Captain America in part due to the horror of WW2 and the Holocaust. As I’ve shown here before, one of his earliest images was of him punching Hitler:

Marvel has faced and dealt with racism recently:

You’d think that Marvel would think better after this. You’d be wrong.

Secret Empire

This is the current line crossover at the company. In my last post I spoke of how they’re a problem, but this one’s worse: Captain America was a sleeper Hydra agent, and is now the leader.

No matter how they try to spin it, they’re Nazis. He’s a Nazi now.

They wanted readers to buy it anyway, and be patient that all would work out.

I empathize with the opinion of more than a few others: I’m out of patience.

I can’t trace my family tree past my grandparents, because the Nazis destroyed my family in Europe. Having Magneto, himself a Holocaust survivor, join today’s Nazis? That’s not shock value; that’s just obscene.

Readers are leaving in droves, no surprise — but the company stays blind to it.

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