FCBD 2017 and a Movie

(on Revenge of the Sixth)

Why folks say Revenge of the Fifth I don’t understand; ‘the Sixth’ fits better.

I know: this is a day late.

I’ve gone to the same store for years. It has a good selection of choices, and you can pick 5.

My haul:

  1. Catalyst Prime: my attempt to sample independent offerings.
  2. Captain Canuck: my patriotic duty. :) [I’m in Montreal] I’ve been following this character since George Freeman drew him.
  3. Doctor Who: I’ve been a ‘Whovian’ ever since Tom Baker played him in the 1980s.
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Appropriate. This was my movie.
  5. Avatar: I’ve only seen pieces of this. I have to watch the whole film.

This was one of the reasons for my trip to that mall. The other was to see another Marvel film:

© Walt Disney/Marvel

No spoiler, just that I enjoyed it.

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