Kid at Heart? (Part 3)

Really a supplemental

I promised that I would try to define the age range for YA yesterday, but didn't. I’ll fix that now.

Note: These are my views, not gospel. I read at an adult level very young, skewing the curve… but I’m not the intended audience. Your results may vary too.


Usually up to the age of 6–7. More picture books until they can read by themselves, and no heavy subject matter then.

Examples: Dr. Seuss, Stewart Little.

Older Children

Up to about Grade 6. The concepts used tend to be more complex. Character death is introduced, as older kids are better able to deal with it.

Examples: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, most books by George Orwell.

Young Adult

Aimed at people 13 and up, few subjects are off-limits (except, as I’ve said before), but death and war are acceptable.

Examples: Harry Potter, the Divergent series, Lord of the Flies.

As I said, you may have a different view. This is just mine.

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