Actually my present too. I began to play when I was 14. I’ve run games and 36 years later I write for some; in fact I’m working on one now.

I began with Dungeons and Dragons. I still play a version of it. As a writer I’m always creating new characters and I liked to act years ago; for those reasons pretending to be other people with dice to decide actions was not even a choice for me not to do.

We have been roleplayers since we were children… many of us played Cowboys and Indians. The games are just structured with numbers to represent characteristics and skills. Conflicts are also resolved by rolling dice to avoid arguments like,

“Yer dead!”

“No, I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

… and so on.

Many people place a stigma to such games. They brand players as weirdos and freaks. Much as computer people took the word ‘geek’ as a term of pride we have our own pride in our hobby.

I’ve already been published in that field 11 times with at least 3 more to come soon and more after that. I wouldn’t be able to claim this feat otherwise.

We don ‘t have a parade like Pride, but maybe we will someday!

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