Stubborn for my Craft

Here’s the deal: because of my lot in life, I only use one hand (my left) to type/write. Why that is isn’t relevant to this post; I’m not like the One-Armed Swordsman of Chinese legend (I have both arms…) I just can’t use one. It is what it is.

I don’t mention it for sympathy or pity. It’s just to add context to what I say next:

I’ve been a writer ever since I was 14 years old. In Secondary 2 English, every word or verb tense that we learned I framed in a short story in my notebook. I wish I had those notes still 35+ years later; they would be a cool inspiration.
Because of my interest in writing, I joined the Montreal group for NaNoWriMo in 2003. I was in it for 11 years, the first 4 wins.

I’m also an RPG gamer (if you don’t know what that means I’ll talk about them in another post), and since 1993 I’ve been published for many different games, with more to come.

Another of my passions is comicbooks. I self-published about them for 17 years, another fanzine about them for 4+ (that one has been on hiatus for medical reasons. It will return). That second one won me an Aurora award in 2009.

Notice that I’m talking more about my achievements, not any limitations that I have. That’s because I consider those to be more important. I’m too stubborn not to keep creating and publishing.

Because of my limits, I write slowly. In fact, it took me several days just to write this! I’m a member of Shaunta Grimes Ninja Writers, I’m writing a short story for my mailing list, and my debut novel on Kindle and CreateSpace (walking the Pro path now) — although my progress is slow. That doesn’t stop me though.

As a Ninja Writer, I produce for 10 minutes a day. I produce less than 100 words each time— but that’s not something bad. Small amounts add up over time. I got the first draft of my novel done this way, and I’m nearing the end of my short story too.

So: it takes me more time, but I’m still achieving.


Aw… Medium! Don’t you DARE be sour! CLAP for your someday famous message poster, and feel the power! It’s a New Day, yes it is…

(I’m back now.)

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