The RPG Roots of My Current Novel

He’s a Nazi now?

First: I forgot in my last post that I didn’t go near Marvel’s Secret Empire offering. My grandparents and their families suffered in the Holocaust (my great-grandparents were killed alive on Kristallnacht, and we lost 4 of 8 children). Captain America the secret leader of Hydra, the group formed by the Nazis? If Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (both Jewish, creators of Cap) were still alive they would be loud protestors. I protest by not buying the book, as many aren't.

(I won’t even watch Man in the High Tower, despite me being an SF and Phillip K Dick fan.)

Now: The main characters of my current novel have roots in my gaming and self publishing history:

23 years ago, I was a member of a fan magazine for HERO System. The overall editor challenged us to design a shared world. I’m a punster (invertebrate. I’m shellfish that way), so I created the PI firm Rigger, Mortiz, and Shivver (I can hear your groans already). I also created a backstory to the names.

The editor didn’t feel that they fit the flavor of the shared world. They faded away from my mind — but not fully.

Flash forward 20 years… more ideas for them came to mind, the characters are fleshed out, and I have ideas for a series with them.

Seems that gaming can benefit prose in this case.

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