I have an unhealthy relationship. Virtually every week night that I’m home I watch cable news, even though I know it’s not good for me. My husband doesn’t indulge.

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Both my husband and I watch what we call The Dignified News: the “NewsHour” on PBS. Then my spouse leaves the so-called TV room. I stay.

I know cable news is bad for me, but I continue to watch.

We were not always a house divided by the TV set. When we first married, we had no TV. After a year, we took out a 13-inch black and white set on…

My husband and I usually low-key Valentine’s Day. Not that we boycott Hallmark-y holidays, it’s just eclipsed by our anniversary two weeks before.

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The post-elopement couple.

Forty-five years ago, on Jan. 31, we eloped. I don’t mean the kind of elopements that occur now with Millennials, meaning a cheap wedding, or an impromptu ceremony attended by only the couple and a photographer, or a videographer and a small guest list, or even a new category, the “destination elopement.” I mean a hard-core elopement. …

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When our son, now a college senior, was a fifth grader, he exited school one day declaring that his teacher had “broken the Constitution.”

Alex said he wanted to report what he perceived as a violation of church and state to the school’s assistant principal. His teacher had called the class forward for a Scripture reading, and — along with two of his friends — he elected to sit in the back of the room rather than participate.

I explained the normal protocol of dealing with the source of a problem directly before going over the source’s head, but Alex…

Jeffrey Ann Goudie

Freelance writer/book critic whose work has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the New York Times Book Review, among other outlets.

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