Like It Is: Bob Dylan Explains What Really Killed Rock ’n’ Roll
Brent L. Smith

Dylan has some points but I don’t think the ‘death of Rock’ had much to do with the ‘segregation’ of pop music by the white music industry in the 60’s and 70’s. I wouldn’t have listened to or bought a Disco record under threat of violence and at that time I lumped ALL Funk in with Disco. I think the music industry’s takeover of the creative side of popular music is the cause. Music is now a product, devoid of instrumentalism, no longer consisting of a verse, chorus, bridge and instrumental break. It can now be a mind numbing, run on, verse OR chorus that repeats ad nauseum. The music industry is now broken and the people in charge don’t seem to have the imagination to create a new one. They now make onerous talent contracts so they can leach off the artist. A new dynamic will arise but who knows when, how and what shape it will take?

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